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The Smart Health Experience

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Why Smart Health?

Based on the Best Selling Book

Based on the Best Selling Book

“SMART HEALTH: What Today’s Doctors Aren’t Telling You”

by Dr. Craig Koehler (Author)

Popular culture would have you believe the diet industry, government, and even health organizations have our best interest in mind. They are actually feeding you misinformation to keep you dependent on them and there system. The older we get, the more concern we need to have for our health. In today’s fast paced Health Care world, patients are not taught exactly how to be healthy.

In the US, 70% of us are on prescription medications, and 70% of us are overweight. Worse, 40% are now considered “medically obese,” and the numbers keep climbing!

The Smart Health Experience uses the methodology of the Smart Health Triangle for real results and real smart health.

Discover the Secret to a Smart Health Experience

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Discover the tested & proven system for balancing your hormones, igniting your metabolism, building a healthy gut and turning your body into a fat-burning machine.

How the “Smart Health Triangle” Works For You!

Create your Perfect Health, Transform your Health and Live your Smart Health Lifestyle.

Step 1

Create Your Perfect Health:

Together we create exactly what you want your health to look like. (Your Goals)

  • The first step in creating what I call your Perfect Health is we map out together exactly where you currently are
  • Your Starting Point.
  • We want to get specific about what you want to accomplish.
  • We use this as our guide to keeping you on track and focused on your weight loss and goals.


Step 2

Transform Your Health

Our methodology for Transformation, is a Step-by-Step 8 week process.

  • This is a Step-by-Step 8 week process. You learn only what you need to know, when you need to do it and why you need to do it (No more guessing).
  • We use Smart Learning easy to do and easy to follow. Literally everything you need is sent directly to you.
  • I personally supervise you and your progress.


Step 3

Your Smart Health Lifestyle

Smart Health Lifestyle is the “Secret Sauce” for Permanent Weight Loss.

  • We design your Smart Health Lifestyle, together. This is what allows you to maintain your weight loss permanently.
  • Trust me on this, you will change. Your health will change. The way your life will change.
  • We always recommend using the Secret Sauce for Permanent Weight Loss.


Completely Customized to fit your busy life!

Each week you’ll enjoy Smart Health recommended meals. Throughout the week, you’ll have the flexibility to eat what you like. You pick what to enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dining out will always be a challenge, we help with our specific guidelines.

In Phase 1, your meals are designed to reset your body and deliver fast weight loss.

In Phase 2, you’ll enjoy steady weight loss, expanding the variety of foods you eat each day as you transform your body.

In Phase 3, you learn how to live your new, Smart Health Lifestyle.

Hi, I’m KaySandra. I have to admit, menopause just destroyed my waistline… There is nothing like this program with Dr Koehler. It’s awesome and 100% worth it!

I’m Lolly, I’ve lost over 22 pounds. Mike lost 20 pounds too. All in 5 weeks! I’m buying a new wardrobe and invited to do runway shows too! Who knew? 

I’m Helene, I’m surprised how well I did with the lifestyle change. I have way more energy. Dr. Koehelr’s great, enthusiastic, funny, encouraging and I recommend this program!


Click below to get started today and watch the FREE videoclass! You will be able to immediately learn more about how you can started. Beginning your Smart Health journey start with the Smart Health Triangle.

This is your opportunity to completely change your health and change your life. The Smart Health Lifestyle is the “Secret Sauce” to Permanent Weight Loss


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The is no other program with the Smart Health Triangle based on the Best Seller, “Smart Health, What Today’s Doctors Aren’t Telling You.” You’re just a click away from breaking the chains of never-ending diet trends and busting weight loss resistance for good… Not to mention the importance of a healthy gut, balanced hormones, a faster metabolism, and your best version of you possible!

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Smart Health Experience

Smart Health Experience