Your Smart Health Experience

Yes! You’re here!!

Congrats on your decision to take back the word “diet!” Get ready to change your life!

Your Smart Health Experience  officially begins No.

We know you’re excited to start the Smart Health Experience! We’re excited, too! Here are some recommendations to help you prepare for Day 1…

How to Prepare for Your Smart Health Experience:

#1: Print out the PDF and join the movement!
This part is just for fun! Join us in the movement to ditch the diet and embrace better health! Click below to download and print out the Smart Health Experience sign on a piece of 8.5x11 inch white paper.

Click here to download and print the PDF

Recruit a friend or family member to take your picture holding the image out in front of you with two hands. Post your photo in social media using #SmartHealthExperience and be sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram @SmartHealthExperience.

#2: Take your before photos and measurements.
You don’t have to show these to anyone, but trust us…you want to take these pictures. Our test group participants (thousands of them) achieved jaw-dropping results. Once you start seeing progress, you’ll want to have these pictures and measurements to show just how far you’ve come. We break down exactly how to take your photos and measurements in this video.

#3: Join us on social media.
You’ll be starting your program very soon! In the meantime, for all kinds of education, motivation, tips, recipes and sneak peeks, join us on social media!


#4: Grab a friend to join you!
While you’ll have all the support you need inside the Smart Health Experience Community, the more accountability you have, the better. Grab a friend or family member, and do it together!

Here’s where they can sign up:

We are excited and know you are too!!

Smart Health Team

Smart Health Experience

Smart Health Experience